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Zonk, the Dreaming Tortoise

Book One in the series introduces children to Zonk, a Sonoran Desert tortoise who wants to become a sea turtle; his various pals; and the Sonoran Desert. The story follows Zonk as he pursues his dream of finding and swimming in the ocean—no one believes he can do it, but he doesn't give up. It’s a delightful and encouraging story for small children.

Zonk and the Secret Lagoon cover art.

Zonk and the Secret Lagoon

Book Two of the series is all about Zonk's ocean adventures. Having made it to the ocean, Zonk begins a new life as a "sea tortoise". He finds himself in the Sea of Cortez with his new friends, Manta Ray, Fish and baby sea turtle, Emily. Children will love all the varied sea creatures and the Secret Lagoon. Loads of fantastic ocean artwork!


Zonk and the Gray Whales' Birthday Party

The “biggest” birthday party in the world is the focus of Book Three, featuring the annual Gray Whale migration to Baja. Zonk and his new friends discover the Pacific lagoons, where the Gray Whales gather to birth their calves every year. This is a very special, unique ocean event. Join Zonk and his new pals for this wonderful adventure and take part in the celebration.